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RAUSCH USA www.rauschusa.com

For over 30 years Rausch has been a leading manufacturer of innovative, top quality Pipe Inspection Equipment with satisfied customers worldwide. The company's roots lie in Germany where they began with their first product called the "Sewer Eye". Over the years Rausch has pioneered the development of new technologies and expanded their business throughout the world with Rausch USA being opened in 2004. The company maintains a 36,000 sq. ft. USA Headquarters in Chambersburg, PA where management, installation and service are all performed. Rausch’s high tech products have rapidly gained the attention and approval of the American water and waste water industry. Their modular lateral launch system and the laser pipe profiler/ measurer are setting the standard in the market. The company's products include pan/tilt/zoom cameras, transporters, mini mobile systems, push camera systems, laser profile and measurement systems, lateral inspection with real time mapping, Quick Lock stainless steel pipe repairs, and complete truck and trailer installations.

Rausch USA introduced its new FULL HD CCTV sewer inspection system at the WWETT show in Indianapolis in February, 2020. The FULL HD system has a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels using copper cables instead of optical fibers. This is possible due to specially developed and patented VML technology. The FULL HD is available in both mainline cameras as well as lateral launch units. Cable lengths of up to 1968 feet are available. All of the features available on Rausch’s standard systems such as laser crack measurement, laser profiling, and auto-synchronization of tractor and cable reel speeds are also available with FULL HD. All HD cameras can be easily recognized by their distinctive gold color. Call us to set up a demonstration.

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