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Atlantic Machinery is a Specialist in Sewer and Street Equipment founded in 1980.  We are committed to assisting you in selecting superior equipment for your particular application and then supporting you with the best in parts and service.

Location:  2628 Garfield Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Telephone Number:  301-585-0800
Toll Free:  800-423-8903
Fax Number:  301-585-7681

Territory:  Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, and West Virginia

Atlantic Machinery Inc is proud to be the Authorized Dealer for the following Major Equipment Lines:

  • VAC-CON  Combination Sewer & Catch Basin Cleaners & Hi Pressure Sewer Jet Rodders
  • SCHWARZE  Regenerative Air, Mechanical Street Sweepers & Road Patchers
  • RAUSCH Pipe Inspection Equipment
  • RAVO  Compact Vacuum Street Sweepers
  • MATHIEU Sub compact Vacuum Sweepers
  • TITAN LEAF SOLUTIONS  Leaf Handling Products
  • PIPE HUNTER  High Pressure Sewer Trucks & Trailers
  • OMCO  Hydrostatic Street Flushers
  • PIK RITE  Truck & Trailer mounted Vacuum Equipment
  • STETCO  Clam-type Catch Basin Cleaners
  • ENZ USA  Superior Pipe Cleaning Nozzles & Scrapers
  • PB LOADER  Truck & Trailer Loaders & Patchers
  • SOUTHLAND TOOL MFG INC  Sewer Cleaning & Repair Equipment
  • PIRANHA  Sewer Cleaning Hose Products
  • PLUG-IT PRODUCTS  Sewer Plugs and Diverters
  • AMERICAN SEWER PARTS AND CLEANING CO   High Pressure Swivels, Suction Tubing, & Jet Hose Repair Equipment

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Atlantic Machinery, Inc.
2628 Garfield Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Phone:  301.585.0800
Toll Free:  800.423.8903
Fax:  301.585.7681