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Steve Join our sales team

We are very pleased to announce the latest addition to the Atlantic Machinery sales team, Steve Javor, who will be covering Delaware and the eastern half of Maryland. Steve brings more than 20 years of outside sales experience to our organization, formerly specializing in medical devices and the hospitality industry. In his free time, he enjoys softball, gardening, fishing, and activities with his daughter, wife, and new puppy in Rockville, Maryland. Welcome, Steve!

TITAN LEAF SOLUTIONS/ Bonnell Industries Inc.

We are pleased to announce that effective July 15, 2020 Atlantic Machinery has been appointed the TITAN LEAF SOLUTIONS dealer for Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, W. Virginia, and the District of Colombia. The TITAN line of leaf handling products is manufactured by Bonnell Industries Inc. of Dixon, Illinois. Models range from pull behind trailer mounted leaf loaders with and without operator seats to Spartan self contained trailer or truck mounted units with self dumping 15-30 cubic yard containment boxes. Operator stations with proportional controls for the leaf pickup booms are available on all models. The larger containment boxes are available mounted on trailers, with hook lift systems, or truck mounted with in cab controls.


Following its success with the RAVO compact sweeper in the U.S., FAYAT has now introduced the MATHIEU sub compact line to the U.S. market. These units come in two powerful pure vacuum models, the Azura MC 210(2 yard capacity) and the MC 110 (1 yard capacity). Both models feature high visibility, extreme maneuverability, great operator comfort and PM 10 certification. Both Models come standard with stainless steel hoppers. The units are particularly well suited for work on sidewalks, crowded streets, bike paths, and shopping areas as both units are very quiet. The MC210 has four wheel steering in sweep mode and the MC110 articulates in the center for steering.


RAVO has introduced the electric version of its RAVO 5 Series street sweeper. IT’S THE RAVO 5 ESERIES. The new electric unit retains all the features and capabilities of the diesel powered unit except that it is 100% electric and 100% environmentally friendly. The electric unit uses a lithium iron phosphate (LiFeP04) battery which powers the unit for a full work day. Recharging can take as little as 2 hours (with quick charge option) or normal charge in 4.5 hours. The ESERIES is extremely quiet and even utilizes regenerative braking to generate power to charge the battery. RAVO 5 ESERIES sweepers are now in use in Berlin, Germany and Paris, France. The first unit is scheduled to be shipped to the USA in December 2020. Please contact us to set up your demonstration.


Rausch USA introduced its new FULL HD CCTV sewer inspection system at the WWETT show in Indianapolis in February, 2020. The FULL HD system has a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels using copper cables instead of optical fibers. This is possible due to specially developed and patented VML technology. The FULL HD is available in both mainline cameras as well as lateral launch units. Cable lengths of up to 1968 feet are available. All of the features available on Rausch’s standard systems such as laser crack measurement, laser profiling, and auto-synchronization of tractor and cable reel speeds are also available with FULL HD. All HD cameras can be easily recognized by their distinctive gold color. Call us to set up a demonstration.


Vac-con introduced its RECYCLER combination sewer and catch basin cleaner during 2019 and it has proven to be extremely easy to use, reliable, and operator friendly. The unit operates off of recycled water from either sewer or storm drain systems and requires no potable water for normal operation. Segregated fresh water capacity of up to 1000 gallons is available for clean-up or whenever needed. The unit uses proven German technology and equipment which has been in production in Europe for over 20 years combined with Vac-con’s proven components. The system utilizes an HPT single piston jetting pump fitted with 3 accumulators for smooth continuous jetting. The stainless steel filtration system consists of two stages which are both self cleaning. The RECYCLER can stay on the job all day without ever having to travel to a hydrant to refill. Suction systems, as with all Vac-cons, can be powered by either a 3 stage fan or a PD blower suction system. Contact us to set up a demo in your system.