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Ravo Fayat Group www.ravo-fayat.com

Ravo has more than 50 years of experience in the compact street sweeper industry and its products are sold worldwide. Ravo sweepers feature compact size, high visibility, high capacity, powerful suction, extreme maneuverability, and fully hydrostatic propulsion. Sweepers are available with either standard dumping hoppers or the environmentally friendly container-dumping hopper.

RAVO has introduced the electric version of its RAVO 5 Series street sweeper. IT’S THE RAVO 5 ESERIES. The new electric unit retains all the features and capabilities of the diesel powered unit except that it is 100% electric and 100% environmentally friendly. The electric unit uses a lithium iron phosphate (LiFeP04) battery which powers the unit for a full work day. Recharging can take as little as 2 hours (with quick charge option) or normal charge in 4.5 hours. The ESERIES is extremely quiet and even utilizes regenerative braking to generate power to charge the battery. RAVO 5 ESERIES sweepers are now in use in Berlin, Germany and Paris, France. The first unit is scheduled to be shipped to the USA in December 2020. Please contact us to set up your demonstration.

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