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The new “Omnibus” system is a Canbus Control System providing joystick control of all machine functions except dumping.  Boom and reel controls are fully proportional and the system includes built-in diagnostics and warning systems.  This new control system eliminates about 5300 feet of conventional wiring and 125 connections.  All information is displayed on a waterproof color monitor at the Operator Control Station.

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During 2011, Atlantic Machinery became a Ravo Sweeper Dealer, as Ravo is now back in the USA.  The compact Ravo Series 5 sweeper offers large capacity, extreme maneuverability, and excellent visibility.  It is available with a standard dumping hopper, or a container-dump hopper.

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Atlantic Machinery, Inc. has just completed the delivery of the 24th Schwarze A-7000 sweeper to the Delaware DOT.  The new unit is mounted on a Freightliner M2 chassis, and is equipped with a stainless steel hopper.



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